Three Big Mistakes when using SMS/MMS in Marketing Automation

As a company that has helped its clients send millions of SMS/MMS messages using automation platforms such as Infusionsoft, we often see a number of big mistakes in how SMS/MMS campaigns are set up and utilized.  Here’s three mistakes to avoid:

#1 – Using a single number for SMS/MMS

#2 – Not obtaining consent for texting

#3 – Using “flat” messaging

Each of these are problematic.  Here’s why…

Using a single number for SMS/MMS

While a single number for SMS/MMS sometimes makes sense in low volume scenarios, when you’re sending a higher volume of automated text messages, such as live event reminders, it can actually ruin your deliverability.  Why? Many carriers incorporate secretive algorithms to help detect what they think may be SMS spam on their networks. Sending a significant number of similar messages in a short time from a single number can dramatically sink deliverability — sometimes by over 50%.  The better approach, and one we typically use for higher volumes of outbound messages, is to spread those messages across a “basket” of phone numbers.

Not obtaining consent for texting

This one isn’t just something that can upset those receiving your text messages — it can have serious legal consequences.  In addition to carrier requirements, SMS/MMS messaging is regulated by the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act), which can entail substantial civil penalties for messages sent without the receiver’s consent.

Using “flat” messaging

The use of SMS/MMS does not have to be limited to basic informational messages.  Rather, far “richer” content can be presented. For our clients, we have implemented systems such as keyword-based auto-responses, text-your-zip-to-find-the-nearest-event campaigns, informational videos presented via MMS (animated GIF preview+click-to-view), and post-event surveys.  Further pending developments in the messaging industry will only create more opportunities for richer experiences.

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