The World of Lead Validation

I’m Joshua Alexander, CEO and founder of JGRobo Marketing, Inc. We are a marketing automation company, with a special focus on lead processing, validation, verification, and enhanced demographics. Over the last few years, we have processed millions of leads from our clients in many different industries. We’ve managed to help our clients increase the validity of their lead data by up to 45%.

Over the past few years, invalid contact information has become a major issue in a lot of industries. Due to privacy concerns, butter finger call center operators, typos on forms, or simply just incorrect information, invalid phone numbers and invalid email addresses are increasing tremendously. Unfortunately, if your leads are not getting your information, it dramatically decreases the likelihood that they will become a buyer.

As I’ve mentioned, technologies like our Lead Guardian product have a proven track record of increasing phone number, email addresses, and physical addresses validity by up to 45%. We are one of the only companies in the world with the experience, knowledge, and expertise to even fight the issue of invalid lead data.

Better still, Lead Guardian works with virtually all CRM & marketing automation systems. Some CRM examples are: Infusionsoft, Ontraport, Greenrope, and Active Campaign. Generally, it is quite easily integrated with custom systems, too. We also use Lead Guardian in our customized call center, contact center integrations, meaning that call center agents can benefit from Lead Guardian in real time — correcting e-mail and mailing addresses at the first and best opportunity, when they’re talking to a caller.

The technology that we use is cutting-edge. Until only recently, this was the type of technology available only to Fortune 500 types of companies.

I’ll wrap up this real quick… there is simply no other service available that improves lead validity by up to 45%.

Want to know more? Let’s talk! We offer free, half-hour consultation calls, with absolutely no pressure to purchase. If you’re interested in Lead Guardian, we can demo how it works, answer your questions, and isolate how it can immediately help your company. In most cases, a few changes to your lead capture procedure is all it takes to work with our service. Let us do the heavy lifting!

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