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Here’s What No One Tells You About Lead Validation.

Don’t feel like reading this humongous whitepaper? We got you covered! You can watch this video instead (make sure to subscribe so you get notified when we post new content!) Lead validation: You’re killing your own marketing efforts if you’re not validating leads… JGRobo Marketing, Inc. In terms of marketing, there is no question that […]

How to get pristine leads to your sales team around the clock

While web forms are great, oftentimes people prefer to call a number on your website to “talk to a real person.”  (By the way, click-to-call functionality is a stellar idea!) Automation can be a powerful tool in these situations as well — and can help ensure inbound phone leads are followed-up on by your sales […]

3 ways to respond virtually instantly to your leads

One of the “classic” tasks that properly-configured marketing automation systems can do is engage in virtually instantaneous contact with both new inbound leads and existing contacts/leads.   And, there are very good reasons to be fast — for example, the Lead Response Management Study suggests that calling a web lead back within *five* minutes entails a […]