Stop Playing Phone Tag

It’s a fact of business life — being busy means we often end up playing “phone tag” when we can’t answer a call.  And, while most of us do our best to follow up on voicemails, sometimes we simply forget to make a timely follow-up (or, egads, the cycle begins anew).  However, the unfortunate reality is that this often leads to lost leads and lost revenue. Here’s two ways you can automate your business process for returning phone calls:

Set up an automated process

Marketing automation software like Infusionsoft makes it easy to note within the system that you have left a message for someone.  Equally seamless is causing that process to trigger an automatic email to that contact — something like: “Hi, I just called and you weren’t in, so I left you a voicemail.  If I don’t hear back from you today, I’ll try you again tomorrow.” The process can also set up a reminder, so you don’t forget the follow-up!

Make your voicemail completely automated

Combining Infusionsoft with other services can make this type of marketing automation even more powerful.  For example, JGRobo’s proprietary software can be configured to further automate the voicemail process — doing all of the above, namely creating a note, scheduling a follow up, and sending an e-mail to your contact the moment a voicemail is received.

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