Smart Client Management with JGRobo and Infusionsoft by Keap

Software for Client Management

Keap co-founder Scott Martineau recently posted a great video (embedded above) regarding what he refers to as “smart client management.” Very briefly, Scott points out that one can improve their business (and hence bottom line) by no longer doing business “the old way” when it comes to inbound leads. What does he mean by “the old way?” Basically:

  • Spending a lot of energy on getting more leads and
  • Following typical, disorganized client management = chaos

Instead, he says we should take three steps, to “plug the holes in your business.” Martineau calls this “Smart Client Management”:

  • “Organizing and Personalizing”
  • “Reduc[ing] Friction”
  • And engaging in “Follow Up”

Of course, Infusionsoft by Keap, in the right hands, makes the marketing automation side of this much easier. But the key words there are “in the right hands” — meaning achieving these goals often requires a fair bit of technical expertise. Following are just a few of the many ways JGRobo can help in each of these three areas:

Organizing and Personalizing

  • Setting up well-functioning sales funnels
  • Building a tag system that allows you to easily segment customers / clients
  • Storing client preferences within Infusionsoft
  • Enriching customer data with demographics
  • Avoiding incorrect customer data with Lead Guardian (e.g. valid email, phone, physical addresses)
  • Ensuring correct “lead flow” (e.g. ensuring all leads from all sources are consistently and properly added into Infusionsoft)

Reducing Friction

  • Communicating with your clients on their preferred platform (e.g. text messaging, email, telephone)
  • Making it easy for them to interact with you / manage their business relationship (e.g. chatbots, IVR, callcenter-CRM integration, SMS/MMS reminders, e-commerce/invoicing setup, one-click appointment confirmations, etc.)
  • Leveraging built-in and custom reporting to provide business insights to further reduce friction

Engaging in Follow Up

  • Leveraging marketing automation features to engage customers throughout sales process.
  • Customer surveys
  • Custom referral and retargeting campaigns

Want to know more? Let’s chat — please sign up for a half-hour consultation call, and find out how we can help you with “Smart Client Management”

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