SMS/MMS Marketing


Advanced, Automated SMS/MMS Campaigns

In a world saturated with mobile devices, it is little surprise that SMS and MMS messages often achieve far higher open rates than conventional e-mail marketing. Mix in the possibility of real-time interaction to support everything from surveys to direct response marketing, and SMS/MMS becomes an even more powerful option for many marketing objectives.

JGRobo Marketing, Inc. are experts in the development of SMS/MMS campaigns and the creation of interactive SMS/MMS solutions (such as surveys, event confirmations, geolocation systems, and interactive agent chat) with full integration into CRMs such as Infusionsoft. We also offer a range of custom reporting features to track campaigns and related metrics, including interactive real-time dashboards and specialized reporting for media partners.

Full Integration

We offer complete integration of SMS/MMS solutions into CRMs and marketing automation platforms, with create customization of funnel actions, tagging, and custom fields based on SMS/MMS interactions.

Production Capabilities

In addition to technical aspects of SMS/MMS solutions, we also offer comprehensive copywriting, graphic design and video production services specifically tailored to SMS/MMS campaigns.

Shortcode Availability

We are very experienced in the specific requirements of shortcode-based SMS/MMS technologies, including initial shortcode applications and US-based carrier requirements for shortcode campaigns.

Interactive and Comprehensive Reporting

We can accommodate almost any reporting and analysis need for SMS/MMS campaigns, including geographical tracking, specialized reporting for media buyers, and real-time interactive reports.

Use Case


Private, Professional Training Industry

SMS Messages Sent

Over 1 million per year


4+ years

JGRobo manages the entire SMS/MMS activities of one of the world’s largest real estate investment training companies. Our solution stack includes:

  • Utilizing a shortcode to support direct response marketing using keywords and geolocation (ZIP and Area Codes)
  • An interactive console for the client’s customer support agents to engage in SMS conversations
  • An automated SMS-based event attendance confirmation system
  • A web-based telephone system that allows customer support agents to contact clients using a consistent phone number across SMS/MMS/telephone marketing efforts
  • Full integration of SMS and MMS marketing campaigns in opt-in based Infusionsoft funnels

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