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It’s important to note in such cases that it’s not always just those individual e-mails to those specific addresses that are not delivered — rather, sending to invalid e-mail addresses can seriously harm sender reputation, resulting in e-mails sent to legitimate addresess being marked as spam. This is one reason why many marketing automation companies that allow e-mails to be sent from within their platform are so insistent on e-mail validity — it’s not just your e-mails to specific addresses that are affected.

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Typical solutions we offer as part of our JGRobo Lead Guardian product suite include:

Seamless Integration

Lead Guardian’s complete integration into CRMs / marketing automation tools such as Infusionsoft helps bolster confidence for both e-mail marketing campaigns and transactional mailings.

Real-Time Validation

Attempting to ensure e-mail accuracy at the first collection point is often ideal; e.g. in call center environments , we can offer real-time e-mail validity checking, enabling agents to self-correct improperly transcribed addresses.

Spam Trap Detection

We utilize state-of-the-art systems to ensure not just e-mail address validity, but to ensure it is not a known spam trap or otherwise problematic for purposes of sender reputation.

Lead Healing

Our “Lead Healing” system can attempt to obtain a valid e-mail address from customers who have opted in to receive transactional text messages from you.

Other, optional Lead Guardian Features include:

Telephone and Physical address validation

We can also ensure phone number validity (including flagging known fraudulent phone numbers) and physical address validity -- particularly useful in e-commerce and other scenarios where marketing efforts involve telephone follow-up or physical delivery of items.

TCPA (and other) litigant detection

Using a proprietary API integration, we can also detect and act upon inbound leads that are from known TCPA litigants.

Use Case


Private, Professional Training Industry

E-Mail Addresses Processed



4+ years

Our integration of Lead Guardian into the Infusionsoft backend of one of the world’s largest real estate investment training companies helps them avoid invalid or otherwise dangerous e-mail addresses at multiple points of contact — be it inbound leads processed through call centers or via online marketing and other initiatives. TCPA litigant detection also helps them filter out those responding to their advertisements who are not genuinely interested in their products.

***We can’t actually guarantee you’ll make gazillions, but maybe septillions? 😊


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