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For example, many call centers use proprietary software for agent scripting and in-call data collection.  In those cases, the “best” “integration” with CRMs, marketing automation systems, other software is often a nightly CSV summary file uploaded to an FTP site — a scenario that sacrifices both convenience and efficiency.  

Don’t let bad data ruin your sales game! With so many factors at play, collecting 100% accurate e-mail addresses can feel like an impossible task. But don’t worry, at JGRobo Marketing Inc. we’ve got you covered. Say goodbye to name spelling mishaps and human error, and hello to real-time reporting that will have your sales soaring. With our sophisticated integration techniques, you’ll never miss a beat in the world of marketing and customer service. So, let’s make sure your data stays on point, and your sales stay sky-high with JGRobo Marketing Inc.

At JGRobo Marketing Inc., we tackle all of these challenges with a diverse suite of products and services.  Our LAMS (Lead Automation Management System) software provides sophisticated, rule-based, customized processing of contact center leads/calls to get data into CRMs, marketing automation software, transaction processing systems, and virtually any platform — even those without accessible APIs.  

With its fully tailored agent experience, you’ll never miss a beat. Plus, our integration with top CRMs, like Infusionsoft, and our automated warnings for invalid physical addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses, will ensure your data is always top-notch. Don’t let invalid data bring down your sales – upgrade to JGRobo Marketing today!

Seamless Integration

We can seamlessly integrate your contact center with most CRMs, marketing automation platforms, and custom systems -- ensuring you can leverage the benefits of call centers within your existing platforms.

Real-Time Validation

Our systems equip call center agents with advanced, real-time validation features to ensure data accuracy, including auto-correcting and detecting invalid email addresses, phone numbers, and physical mail addresses.

Advanced Features

We can empower your contact center with abilities such as instant dispatches of additional information via SMS, MMS and e-mail; adaptive call scripts that change according to user input; real-time fraudulent and TCPA litigant detection; and much more.

Instantaneous Reporting

Obtaining real-time reporting (not to mention your data!) is especially critical for inbound call center applications. We make possible a range of options for automating contact center data, including real-time inbound call reporting and instantly-updated shared spreadsheets

Use Case #1


Private, Major US Charity

Calls Processed



1.5+ years

Our real-time callcenter technology is utilized daily by agents taking donations and inquiry calls for one of the largest (by revenue) charities in the United States.  Our solution includes: secure (PCI-compliant) handling of over-the-phone credit card information, nightly batch processing, nightly reporting, adaptive call scripts, and real-time lookup of donor information.

Use Case #2


Private, Post-Secondary Trades Schools

Calls Processed



1.5+ years

Our contact center technology also empowers call center agents processing enrolment and inquiry calls for a group of post secondary trade schools in the United States.  Our solution includes: nightly and real time reporting (including reporting for paid media), adaptive call scripts, real-time e-mail address validation, custom integration with an enrollment system API, and e-mail dispatches.

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