Marketing automation: 15 e-mails to send after you make a sale

Another fact of business life is that an initial sale is just the beginning of the customer relationship.  Marketing automation can streamline the after-sales process, leading to happier customers and repeat business.  Here’s fifteen different after-sales e-mails you can automate with your marketing automation platform:

Immediately After the Sale

With software like Infusionsoft, it’s easy to trigger a marketing automation e-mail series when a sale occurs.  Immediately post-sale, this functionality can be used to send your new customer useful and important information.  Remember, welcome emails tend to have very high open rates compared to other e-mails — meaning these represent a great opportunity to make a positive impression on your new customer. 

Some suggestions:

  • A post-purchase thank you e-mail
  • An introduction to your support team if this is applicable for your product
  • An introduction to your company
  • Frequently asked questions about your product or service
  • If your product or service is cyclical, a discount or other thank you gift


At a logical time after the sale, you can also use marketing automation to follow up with the customer to ensure their product or service is working for their needs.  E-mail contact during this time can include:

  • Simply asking if they have any questions or concerns
  • Product or service usage tips
  • “How-to” content such as videos
  • Product or service maintenance suggestions
  • Surveys on product performance
  • Suggestions of other relevant products or services

Later in Sales Cycle

If the product or service you offer is cyclical, you have additional opportunities for marketing automation follow-up.  A few examples include:

  • Appointment or re-purchase reminders
  • Requests for referrals (this can even be tied to those who completed positive evaluations from surveys)
  • Purchase anniversary date special offers
  • Birthday special offers

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