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Joshua M. Alexander – CEO of JGRobo Marketing

In 2014, Mr. Joshua M. Alexander founded JGRobo Marketing, Inc and became its CEO. Mr. Alexander has over 27 years of on-line marketing, web development, and lead generation experience. Working with various companies, Joshua has cultivated over 10 million internet leads ranging from real estate, mortgage, insurance, plumbing, construction, dental, among many other fields.

Mr. Alexander has additionally gained valuable experience in the graphic design field, being a network administrator, marketing consultant, a national marketing director, and owning various marketing companies.

During his time as a national lead generation manager, Mr. Alexander oversaw the creation of 10,000+ websites, managed over 10 employees, and maintained a national marketing spend of over $100,000 per month.

During his time as a network administrator, Mr. Alexander setup wide ranging, multi-building LAN/WAN installs, various Telco PBX/VoIP, 10 dedicated servers, 3 co-located servers, dedicated email servers, dedicated SQL servers, and 2 dedicated ATM/ACH lines via dual-T1 connections.

With over 27 years of marketing experience, Mr. Alexander has turned JGRobo Marketing Inc into a powerhouse in the on-line marketing field. JGRobo Marketing Inc. has helped its clients bring in over $250 million in sales since 2014. During this time Mr. Alexander oversaw the transition from SalesForce, to being a Certified Keap Development company (Infusionsoft by Keap Certified Developer).

If you are wanting to capture leads for a mailing list, selling a product and/or service, live event (such as a webinar or seminar) or any other kind of lead capture; Mr. Joshua M. Alexander the Founder and CEO of JGRobo Marketing, Inc would love to speak with you at (800) 959-0182 ext 801 or go to JGRobo Marketing, Inc’s Contact Page.