How to get pristine leads to your sales team around the clock

While web forms are great, oftentimes people prefer to call a number on your website to “talk to a real person.”  (By the way, click-to-call functionality is a stellar idea!) Automation can be a powerful tool in these situations as well — and can help ensure inbound phone leads are followed-up on by your sales team.  

One common way this is set up is via an internal form.  Whoever takes the call will input the customer’s information and call details.  At that point, they can also pick from a list of sales representatives, triggering further automation that passes the lead details to the rep for follow-up.  Further automation automatically makes an introduction email from that sales rep to the customer, in essence having them start on their sales work in advance!

Further automation technologies can make this process work even better.  For example, JGRobo’s Lead Guardian product can automatically verify/validate e-mail address, telephone number and physical address information ensuring your sales team is working with pristine quality leads. 

This does not have to be limited to just inbound phone calls — intelligent routing and further automation can also enable your potential customers to instead text your business, and again have their lead information collected and intelligently routed to your sales team for follow-up.

JGRobo can also help you transform inbound calling into a 24/7/365 process — via the JGRobo LAMS plus one of our call center partners, we can seamlessly integrate your sales process and Infusionsoft with live agents available around-the-clock.

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