3 ways to respond virtually instantly to your leads

One of the “classic” tasks that properly-configured marketing automation systems can do is engage in virtually instantaneous contact with both new inbound leads and existing contacts/leads.  

And, there are very good reasons to be fast — for example, the Lead Response Management Study suggests that calling a web lead back within *five* minutes entails a massive boost in contact and qualification potential compared to calling back within an hour.    Most marketers will tell you similar scenarios apply to other forms of contact as well, such as via e-mail and SMS.

Here’s three ways we do this for our own clients, using a combination of Infusionsoft and proprietary software.

Immediate Responses via E-Mail

Especially in smaller businesses, the “contact” e-mail address or web form often means “contact a specific person in this company.”  The obvious issues here are that a flood of contacts can easily overwhelm one person, nobody is “wired” to their e-mail 24/7, and most people are too busy to reply to inquiries within seconds of receiving them.

With marketing automation platforms like Infusionsoft, however, e-mail replies to inbound inquiries can be dispatched instantly.  Combined with validation/verification technologies like JGRobo’s Lead Guardian, one can do even better, helping ensure inbound leads are utilizing actual, deliverable e-mail addresses that will not cause issues like spam reports.  In all, this ensures you can immediately make first contact with customers, ensure them their inquiry is being handled, and have better assurance you’re reaching out to an actual person.

Immediate Responses via Text Message

Of course, not everyone wants to be contacted via e-mail.  In fact, according to some research, the majority of people prefer other platforms, such as text messaging.  This too is possible with marketing automation. Our proprietary “Cinnamon” SMS/MMS tool suite seamlessly integrates with Infusionsoft and empowers a range of SMS/MMS options including immediate contact with inbound leads, interactive self-serve information services, SMS-based surveys, intelligent textt message chat/customer service bots, and live agent chat.

Immediate Responses via Phone

Marketing automation can also make 24/7/365 contact via live agents possible — without you having to hire extra staff or otherwise change your business processes.  Again, in these scenarios, we leverage a combination of Infusionsoft and integration with one of our own products — the JGRobo LAMS. In these scenarios, inbound leads can be contacted within minutes via one of our call center partners — with a live, human agent conducting whatever is required, be it collecting further information, qualifying or categorizing a lead, booking an appointment, obtaining an event registration, and so on.

Want to learn more about how we can empower you with virtually instantaneous contact with your leads?  Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with us.

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