My name is Joshua Alexander and I’m the CEO and founder of JGRobo Marketing, Inc. We are a lead processing, validation, verification, and enhanced demographic company. Over the last few years we have processed millions of leads in many different industries and we have helped increase our clients valid lead data by up to 45%.

I’m sure you have realized that within the last year or so invalid contact information has become an issue in a lot of industries. Due to privacy concerns, butter finger call center operators, typos on forms, or simply just incorrect information, invalid phone numbers and invalid email addresses are increasing tremendously. I don’t have to tell you that, if your leads are not getting your information it dramatically decreases the likelihood that they will become a buyer, as I’m sure you are already aware of this issue.

Our Lead Validation Service (ALFS) has a proven track record of increasing phone number, email addresses, physical addresses validity by up to 45%. We are one of the only companies in the world with the experience, knowledge, and expertise to even fight the issue of invalid lead data. Invalid lead data negatively affects your Return On Investment, as well as harming your marketing efforts.

My business partner/head software engineer, Reece Sellin, and I have combined over 40 years of online marketing, and tech experience. We have developed our Automated Lead Funnel Service from the ground up, with proprietary coding that extends over 750,000 lines of custom code. Our service works with virtually all CRM/CMS’ such as: Infusionsoft, OntraPort, SalesForce, GreenRope, ActiceCampaign etc…

Demographics - Social Networking

Demographics – Social Networking

The technology that we use is cutting-edge. Until only recently, only the top Fortune 100 companies have utilized this groundbreaking Lead Validation technology. Our service works with call center operators, website forms, facebook landing pages, or  any kind of CRM. It can distinguish a lead from numerous radio stations, TV stations, form completions, social network registrations, and so much more. ALFS can indicate (in real time) if a lead has an invalid by phone number, bad email address, or bad physical address. We can even attempt to fix an invalid email by giving a callcenter operator and/or potential lead a suggested correct email address (Example Josh.Alexander@gsnail.com; our system would suggest Josh.Alexander@gmail.com).

I’ll wrap up this real quick… there is simply no other service available that improves lead validity by up to 45%. Some of the automation services we are currently working on are bleeding-edge that no one in the industry even knows that they even need it.

Let’s talk… let’s setup a time so I can show you a demo of how our service works in real-time. It’s a free consultation call, and there is absolutely no pressure to purchase. Half of the battle is explaining how this amazing technology works. This call will focus on what Lead Validity Services are, and how it can immediately help your company. In most cases, a few changes to your lead capture procedure is all it takes to work with our service. We are simply the middleware service, that validates your contacts, between your lead capture mechanisms and your CRM. Let us do the heavy lifting!

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Joshua M. Alexander
CEO and Founder of JGRobo Marketing, Inc.

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