We can help you INCREASE your SALES by up to 45% with our Lead Processing Service.

It doesn’t matter if you already using a CRM such as Infusionsoft, SalesForce, GreenRope, OntraPort, Active Campaign, or any other CRM. Our service can integrate with most popular CRM’s and we take care of the entire setup. What separates our services from everyone else is Our Lead Funnel Service is built to offer exceptional value from day one — by providing a centralized service to funnel your inbound leads from an unlimited number of sources; automatically healing all bad data and seamlessly integrating with your CRM.

Unlimited Lead Processing, Unlimited Campaigns, Unlimited Lead Funnels, Unlimited Growth Opportunity

  • Our Cloud Based centralized service means we take care of all CRM integration and setup for you.
  • We Process, Validate, Verify, Analyze and Funnel Leads from unlimited lead sources into your CRM, marketing, and accounting software.
  • Our integrated inbound callcenter tool makes many of our features available in real time for your callcenter partners, such as with our recommended callcenter Novasors.

Our Automated Lead Funnel Service is a cutting-edge lead Validation and Verification powerhouse. It provides a fully-managed cloud based sevice for handling leads from an unlimited number of sources, including web forms, sites, CSV files, FTP sites, radio/tv/newspaper advertisements, social media, and more. Our sophisticated, Integrated Callcenter feature can also be put to extremely effective use by ensuring many of our features are available in real time while contacts are being collected directly from from an unlimited amount of sources.

All leads are then seamlessly processed into your CRM, marketing automation and accounting tools, including Infusionsoft, Salesforce, Greenrope and Ontraport, and can be fully integrated into those systems’ marketing, tracking, and other tools based on your specific requirements.

The end result is an efficient, powerful means of leveraging not just one or two, but instead many different lead acquisition channels — in turn multiplying the reach of your marketing efforts.

Unlimited Lead Validation and Verification Features

  • Up to 45% of all contacts contain bad data such as bad Emails, Phone Numbers, Physical Addressees, that negatively affects your Return On Investment.
  • Our Automated Lead Funnel Service can heal invalid leads before the information even enters your CRM, immediately boosting marketing efforts.
  • Our Lead Validation and Lead Verification includes multiple default lead demographics  including telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and physical addresses.

According to Dun and Bradstreet 62% of businesses complain of having Bad Emails, or Bad Phone Numbers. Furthermore invalid lead data is a growing and increasingly costly problem to most businesses. From processing millions of leads we have found out that up to 45% of inbound leads have one or more issues, often so serious as to render them completely useless for marketing purposes. As part of the Automated Lead Funnel Service, we offer a comprehensive set of solutions to “heal” bad contacts before they even hit your CRM thus helping your marketing efforts.

Validation and Verification services are customized based on your specific needs and priorities, and can include verification/validation of phone data (such as phone validity or phone landline/cellular/VOIP status), e-mail data (including deliverability and reliability scoring), and street address data (including ZIP code validity, and detecting missing data such as suite/unit numbers). Our service also offers expanded demographics such as: Age, Income, Gender, Occupation, Education, Marital Status, Home Owner Status, Secondary Email Address, LinkedIn Profile, FaceBook Page, and much more!

You can see a demonstration of some of these features by visiting our Lead Validity Demo, or by requesting a free data evaluation.

Our Expanded Advanced CRM Integration means it’s “Hassle Free”

  • Our service requires no changes to your existing system, in fact, ALFS precisely matches your business needs and integrates with your preferred CRM (Customer Relationship Management) such as: Infusionsoft, SalesForce, GreenRope, OntraPort and others.
  • Setup with full integration doesn’t take weeks, we have our clients up and running in only a few hours in most cases.
  • There are no hidden strings, such as you are required to purchase leads directly from us. We are your validation and verification provider, we handle all your lead requirements.

Both our Automated Lead Funnel Service and its underlying LAMS software are fully customizable. This provides us with the flexibility to seamlessly integrate all of our services with not just your existing accounting, CRM, and marketing tools, but also with your existing business rules, policies, processes.  

Our service can currently integrate with  Infusionsoft, SalesForce, Greenrope, Ontraport, and other popular platforms.  Custom integrations to other software packages are also available upon request.

Our service has the unique ability to offer full demographic information with your CRM integration. Not only can we process your leads into your CRM in real time, but we also offer valuable demographic information that can provide you increased insights into many aspects of your inbound leads. These demographics include important information for your contacts such as: age, gender, income, occupation, and much more!

Custom Daily Reporting and Analytics can help identify Buyers

  • We know that every business has different needs and preferences for analytics and reporting.
  • The flexibility of ALFS and its underlying LAMS software means we can heavily customize reports and data.
  • Although many of our clients prefer daily summary reports, we can deliver reporting on virtually any schedule, including providing access to real-time stats and analysis.

Reporting, and in-depth analytics, is an area where a one-size-fits-all solution is rarely successful. That is why we offer custom reporting that any small to large company can take advantage of. Simply put, every business is different in regards to custom reporting, beneficial terms, and other analysis factors.

Our ALFS service provides data and reporting on a daily basis and with the exact data our clients require for their business needs. Be it a simple report of all inbound leads, or comprehensive, real-time analysis segmented into channels and sub-channels, or something in between, we can customize a solution for you. We can differentiate between landlines and cell phones, between invalid emails and valid emails, incorrect zip codes, and so on.

Your Data is OUR Priority — Safety, Security and Reliability

  • We implement a range of practices and systems to help ensure our systems run safely, securely, and reliably.
  • Security practices include using a leading user identity API and segregating individual client application instances on their own virtual servers.
  • Multiple layers of backups protect customized application instances, individual virtual server images, and underlying client databases/data stores.

From our lead validation and lead verification practices through to our cloud-based service, safety, security and reliability is our most important priority.

The security and data redundancy measures we use include using a leading user identity API service for identification/authentication; segregating individual client application instances into distinct VPS environments; scheduled backups of VPS snapshots; further data redundancy by backups of customized application instances to a server in a separate datacenter; and still further redundancy with secure client database backups to yet another server in a separate datacenter.

These security features enables us to offer a highly-secure, highly-available platform for virtually any lead funneling requirement.

Supercharge Inbound calls with Novasors Callcenter

  • Completely customization is available to address specific data collection needs, including basic data, event registrations, and call dispositions.
  • Our solution makes verification/validation a real-time event, empowering Novasors callcenter agents with the ability to correct data immediately, at its source.
  • The ALFS’ callcenter system is extremely easy to use by agents; its intuitive interface and prompting entail very little learning curve.

One of the best ways to improve lead ROI is to address data validity issues at their source, which for many of our clients, is in their inbound callcenter.

Our cloud-based inbound callcenter system is not only highly configurable/customizable, but also incorporates many of our lead validity/verification systems, enabling callcenter agents to collect correct information from the source on the very first contact a lead has with your organization.

Don’t take our word for it…JGRobo’s Automated Lead Funnel Service provides one of the most innovative and easiest to use inbound callcenter interfaces I have ever seen. Combined with their commitment to top notch service, they are a cut above the rest.David Labatt, Senior Vice President, Novasors