Since the early days of inception internet marketing services have been pieced together to create an overall concept of completion, but not without fault. Internet marketing services today can be nuanced, complicated, cost bleeding, and redundant. It doesn’t matter what business you are in, the more services you have to integrate together the more likelihood this will cause errors and hurt your bottom ROI.

The question we asked ourselves was not how to integrate systems, but “How can we create an internal centralized cloud based internet service that would already have all the services a business and/or internet marketer would require?” There are too many services on the market that can help with integration. Although that doesn’t fix the initial issue of fragmented data. JGRobo Marketing, Inc’s ALFS (Automated Lead Funnel Service) includes all the desired marketing tools under one roof in a centralized cloud based management system.

You don’t have to purchase email marketing from ACME Inc., then purchase SMS services from SMScompany, Inc. No more API requirements from Callcenters, nor do you need to use complicated external SMTP services for your emails. Lastly, no longer do you need to use integration services that can cause more headaches than they are worth.

JGRobo Marketing, Inc.’s ALFS system comes with all the bells and whistles that any internet marketing would love to have, and the scalability that meets all small to large business requirements.


  • Full drip campaign functionality to be able to create email content at a drop of the hat. Create, schedule, and execute emails to any contact on your newsletter, and/or mailing list. As well as create unlimited amount of follow-up sequences.
  • Validity Resources that allows the system to immediately detect invalid phone numbers and email address.
  • Intuitive SMS marketing that allows scheduled SMS messages to be sent, as well as a “SMS-to-Email” feature that allows your own contacts to correct their email addresses via SMS validity messages.
  • Instant Callcenter change feature that allows you to change callcenters in less than 5 seconds. The ability to track how many calls any number has received as well as built-in audio recordings of all calls taken; with option of download.
  • Lead capture is simply easy. Create website forms, facebook landing page captures, and instant twitter links. The ability to utilize any system API, including csv to FTP services for lead importing.