In 2016, the renowned business services company Dun and Bradstreet released the results of a year long study.  Much of what they revealed, as part of an analysis of nearly a billion records across organizations, was startling:

  • Most companies had “questionable” or worse e-mail data in terms of deliverability — effectively paralyzing their marketing efforts via this medium.
  • Accurate phone records — the lifeblood of any sales team — not only were, on average, in an even worse state than e-mail, but were generally on the decline in quality when compared year over year.

The biggest negative direct impact on your ROI, in regards to marketing, is wasting valuable time and effort on invalid leads. An invalid lead is defined as having either bad email, bad phone number or both. It doesn’t matter if you are paying for leads on Google/Yahoo/MSN/FaceBook (CPC), cultivating leads on social networking, websites, callcenters lead validation is a critical factor.

What is Lead Validation?

hp-001Validating a lead is the process of removing bad quality leads from good quality leads. This first process is crucial to identifying the bad data that you wish to ‘heal’. Typical bad quality leads are called in marketing terms, “Throw away leads”. As you normally would not be able to market to these leads as the information is invalid.

The second process to Lead Validation is to ‘heal’ the bad information in your invalid leads. This is done through the Automated Lead Funnel Service (ALFS). This process cross-references all bad contact details with the Internet’s largest contact databases and swaps in ‘valid’ data. This process is also great for removing ‘spam traps’ and other types of leads that possibly could raise the ‘Spam Score’ on your CRM.

How does Lead Validation turn into Sales?

On average 45% of ( clients) have seen an increase of validity and sales due to Lead Validation. To answer why is quite simple. The more valid leads you have the more opportunity there is to change a lead from potential customer to buyer. A simple math analysis is as follows:

  • You spend $5,000 on FaceBook and cultivate 100 potential buyers at a CPL of $50.00. Statistics will show that 30% – 40% of these potential buyers will either have an invalid Email, Phone, or Physical Address. Moreso a large combination of those contacts will have numerous invalid issues such as both email and phone number being invalid. If these people cannot be contacted, the likelihood of them purchasing becomes quite slim. If you have to throw 25 of these contacts out the window, because you simply cannot contact them, you just lost $1,250.

If your company is a large lead generating machine this becomes a much larger problem a lot quicker. If you are spending $50,000 per month on marketing and 30% of your leads are invalid, you just left $15,000 on the table. That is 15,000 reasons why Invalid Lead Data is directly hurting companies.

Do I have to change my CRM to use Lead Validation?

One of the biggest concerns Marketers have is the worry of having to change CRM’s and/or the process of their marketing to utilize Lead Validation. The last thing you want to do is to create a great sales funnel, then have to change the entire process. Those concerns are understandable and is why the Automated Lead Funnel Service (ALFS) by has full integration capability with the most popular CRM’s on the market. The ‘ALFS’ is able to integrate with Infusionsoft, SalesForce, Ontraport, and GreenRope via API. There is little to no adjustments that need to be made on your CRM. For 95% of clients, a few simple ‘custom fields’ will need to be added to your CRM which will be happy to assist you in doing. The entire setup process takes only 1-3 days on average.

How does Lead Validation work with Enhanced Demographics?

Enhanced Demographics is when a basic lead is injected with additional demographic fields that was not originally submitted by a contact. Instead of receiving first/last name, email, and phone with the Automated Lead Funnel Service (ALFS) by the lead will include; Age, Gender, Income, Marital Status, Occupation, Home Owner Status, Secondary Email address, Linkedin profile, Facebook page, Purchase Data, Interests, and much more.

The more you know know about your customers, the better you can engage them with targeted, relevant content, that will increase your ROI. The ALFS can add in 25 additional demographic fields to any valid lead. In some leads even more powerful demographic fields can be added such as: Education Level, Children in the Home, and previous Home Address.

The Lead Validation Summary

Lead Validation Services is a relatively new technology that has been utilized by all the top Fortune 100 companies across the world. Walmart, Apple, Chase, UnitedHealth Group, AT&T, CVS, Berkshire Hathaway, Amazon. All of these companies are using various types of validation services. Simply put… it works!

This technology will take a lead that has invalid data and turn it into a contactable lead. The days of invalid emails, bad phone numbers, or incorrect mailing addresses are over. The JGRobo Automated Lead Funnel Service (ALFS) by runs a cutting-edge lead validation service that validates all processed leads in real-time. If at any time invalid data is processed through this service, a powerful verification analysis is initiated on that lead. By utilizing top on-line databases this service is able to find the correct information for that contact and replace the invalid data with valid data.

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