The JGRobo Automated Lead Funnel Service

Internet marketing can be confusing, and from confusion almost always comes expense.  Part of the problem is that most internet marketing systems have to be pieced together.  For example, one piece of software will handle e-mails to your clients, another will handle text messaging, still another will handle creating reports, still more software handles web forms, and so on.  Needless to say, making everything work together can become expensive: There’s costs to get everything set up to start with.  There’s costs to actively maintain all of these systems.  And, there’s more costs to make sure things keep working if anything changes.

If you guessed that bringing together many of these services under “one roof,” so to speak, is a lot less expensive — well, guess what, you’re right!  Better yet, it also opens up new opportunities to do things better.

Our Automated Lead Funnel Service is a cost effective lead processing, validation, verification, and demographic enhancement service. This simply means we process all of your valid data from unlimited sources, we correct your invalid data such as bad emails, phone numbers, add in powerful demographics such as age, occupation, homeowner status, level of education, plus 25 other enhancements, then funnel all this information into your CRM. We currently work with: Infusionsoft, SalesForce, GreenRope, OntraPort and many others coming on-line soon!


  • Our Lead Validation feature immediately detects invalid phone numbers, email addresses and optionally even physical mailing addresses. Our service is then able to find the correct information and apply it to the lead automatically before it’s processed into your CRM.
  • We also offer intuitive SMS marketing that allows scheduled SMS messages to be sent, as well as a “SMS-to-Email” feature that allows your own contacts to correct their own email addresses via SMS validity messages.
  • If you think capturing leads is difficult, think again! With our service it’s simple to create website forms, facebook landing pages, and instant twitter links.
  • Lastly if you are using a Call Center such as Novasors, USA800, LiveOps etc… our service comes with Call Center Lead Integration. This new feature to our service increases your lead validity by up to 45% as the Call Center agent is prompted in real time if any of your leads data is incorrect such as bad phone, email address, or physical address.


Our prices are known throughout the world as some of the most competitive pricing in the industry. Call us toll-free at (800) 959-0182, or visit us at To view our live demo, visit our website and click on LIVE DEMO. “JGRobo Maketing where Innovation meets Automation”