My name is Joshua Alexander. I’m an automation expert, and I have been in the online marketing field for 21 years. I also happen to be the CEO and Founder of JGRobo Marketing, Inc. Imagine getting all pumped and excited that you just had 100 people sign up for your mailing list, or seminar. Now remember this feeling… of accomplishment and success. But then you realize that 40% of your contacts have invalid emails, phone numbers, or both. This punch in the gut is what most seminar companies, internet marketers, and business owners feel once they find out that up to 45% of their lead data is INVALID. You know invalid, as in not contactable, as in you will never make a cent off it. A total waste… EXCEPT… there is now a way where you can change an invalid contact into a VALID contact… and in some cases this can even happen in real time.

Throw away leads, non-contactable leads, invalid leads, whatever you call them they are monetary killers to your return on investment. Any lead loss is bad, but up to 45% is a lead emergency. Unfortunately, most businesses average between 20% – 45% invalid lead data. Most of these companies, business owners, and internet marketers don’t even know this is happening. They question their ROI, open up their books, analyze everything and then they realize the problem is looking them right back in the face. Invalid lead data, leads that you cannot contact, throw away leads… lost opportunities, lost money.

So we’ve identified the problem. What is the solution? The JGRobo Automation Lead Funnel Service (or simply ALFS) is a cutting edge lead processing, and reporting service that can assist in increasing valid lead data. Our service integrates with all kinds of CRM’s such as: Infusionsoft, SalesForce, GreenRope, Ontraport and many other CRMs. Our service is used by large corporations, small business owners, internet marketers, call centers, and just about anyone who captures leads, or runs a mailing list. LAMS has real time data analysis which validates leads in real time so, if your contact is submitting their information on a web form, they will get notified before they submit the button that their email or phone number is invalid. Our system works perfectly with Call Center Agents. If a person on the phone gives a bad email, phone number, physical address, or the agent hears it incorrectly… our service will prompt the agent in real time of what the issue is. Thus allowing for the Call Center Agent to better acquire valid contact details. To go even further, if someone submits a valid cell phone number and an invalid email address our system will send them a txtmsg requesting them to update their email address on file. We call this “Lead Healing”, and it’s a powerful way to allow your OWN contacts to update their OWN information.

To summarize… if you are a business owner, internet marketer, seminar company, or anyone who captures leads… you seriously need to find a way to increase your lead data. We have so many examples of how our system has helped businesses increase their return on investments anywhere from $500, $1,000, $10,000, and even over $100,000. Simply by utilizing our LAMS service and helping to turn non-contactable leads, into money making leads.
Head on over to, watch our live Call Center video, see how we “heal leads” and play around with our lead validity form. After that complete a quick form with your details, and we’ll get back with you within 24 hours to schedule a meeting with myself, and our head software engineer Reece Sellin. I hope this information was valuable to you, opened your eyes a bit, and I hope I have the opportunity to speak with you soon. Have a great day, and best of luck with your business!