services-001Seminar companies struggle with valid leads and lack of good attendance.  Worse still, many in the industry have noticed over the last year that live workshop attendance has dramatically decreased.  After analyzing tens of thousands of leads, we have found out that invalid registration data is on the rise.  We.. have.. a.. solution.

Most seminar marketers would agree that the biggest issue facing their businesses is poor attendance at their events — leading to what is, for many, a literally million dollar question: what can we do to ensure our leads actually attend the events they sign up for?

There’s good news and bad news.  The bad news is that some factors, such as inclement weather, are completely outside of marketer’s control.  The good news is that nearly all marketers today do not take advantage of available ways to better capture and even “recapture” inbound leads.

So, how can we validate more leads and increase attendance?

First, it’s important to know a few facts.  After analyzing tens of thousands of leads, we have discovered that on average, 38% of email addresses are taken down incorrectly during inbound calls, while fully 8% of phone numbers are also invalid.  In our experience, only a handful of companies make any formal effort to improve this situation, and even fewer collect any validity data that is actionable.

Beautiful business woman is speaking on conference.

Beautiful business woman is speaking on conference.

The result is stunning: a dramatic decrease in the amount of communication you have with your registrations.  And, as all seminar marketers know, keeping your registrations excited and knowing when/where to show up is crucial. For example, offering registrations free enticements to show up can only happen if they receive the marketing materials. Clearly, a high direct communication percentage can affect your overall attendance in a positive way. The more people who receive your information can result in more people attending your event.

The good news is that the JGRobo Automation Lead Funnel Service, or ALFS, provides a comprehensive solution to increasing lead capture, while also providing opportunities to “recapture” leads that would otherwise be lost.

For example, on initial lead capture, our call center inbound scripting and call entry system offers instantaneous lead verification and prompting — that is, when your callcenter receives a call and enters their email address into the form, if the email is invalid our system will notify the operator in real-time so they can request a valid email.  The same process works for phone numbers, as well.

And, even if leads are not perfect at time of entry, we can often still “recapture” leads.  For example, additionally, when a person enters an invalid email with a valid cell number our system will send them a text message asking them to correct their information.

Are there additional opportunities to further improve lead validity and attendance?

Yes.  JGRobo can also provide additional customized software components, such as intelligent call routing, recording and logging, to enable the manual review of calls that originally had invalid lead data.  We can even have a human do this for you daily!

We also offer additional solutions, such as an outbound calling/confirmation system, which can be fully integrated into your CRM.