JGRobo Marketing Allows Infusionsoft Users To increase Their ROI…

By using some of the most Powerful Lead Validation & Demographics that are available On The Market.

You are now able to tap into our revolutionary 3rd party plugin service that can validate leads in real time!

Do you use Infusionsoft? Do you want to get in contact with more potential buyers?

  • On average 45% of  contacts within Infusionsoft contain bad data such as bad Emails, bad Phone Numbers, or bad Physical Addressees, that negatively decrease your Return On Investment.
  • Our Automated Lead Funnel Service can heal invalid leads before the information even hits Infusionsoft, immediately boosting marketing efforts.
  • Our Lead Validation is a 3rd party Infusionsoft plugin that turns bad emails and phone numbers into good ones so you can easily contact your potential buyers without any hassles. Our services also includes powerful demographic enhancements that allow you to truly know who your buyers are. Click Here to find out more information!

On average up to 45% of people who use Infusionsoft complain of having Bad Emails, or Bad Phone Numbers. Furthermore invalid lead data is a growing and increasingly costly problem to all CRM users. From processing millions of leads we have found out that up to 45% of inbound leads have one or more issues, often so serious as to render them completely useless for marketing purposes. As part of our Infusionsoft plugin, we offer a comprehensive set of solutions to “heal” bad contacts before they even reach Infusionsoft thus helping your marketing efforts.

Our Infusionsoft Lead Validation and Verification services are customized based on your specific needs and priorities, and can include verification/validation of phone data (such as phone validity or phone landline/cellular/VOIP status), e-mail data (including deliverability and reliability scoring), and street address data (including ZIP code validity, and detecting missing data such as suite/unit numbers).

Our service also offers expanded demographics such as: Age, Income, Gender, Occupation, Education, Marital Status, Home Owner Status, Secondary Email Address, LinkedIn Profile, FaceBook Page, and much more!

If you KNOW who your leads are…

you know HOW to sell to them!

Our Infusionsoft plugin/Lead Validation Service allows you to know who exactly your leads are. You will be able distinguish between a “tire kicker” and a real buyer! Imagine being able to target your leads that make $100,000+ with a specific targeted Infusionsoft Campaign Funnel. You could send out physical mailers to your leads between the ages of 35 – 60, then be able to send out an SMS to anyone under 31. There are so endless possibilities with Infusionsoft and our plugin that you could directly benefit from having demographic enhancements.

Demographic Possibilities
Different Ways of Marketing
Demographic Markers
Amount of “Healed” Leads


How does your Infusionsoft plugin/service work?

We offer an Infusionsoft plugin that processes your leads through our cloud based service while checking for bad emails, bad phone numbers, and bad physical addresses. Since we use Legacy and the new Infusionsoft API, our service is very easy to integrate into any Infusinosoft application. All you need to do is create a few custom fields, we hook up to your Infusionsoft application via API and we do the rest!

If doesn’t matter if your are capturing leads for a single campaign or numerous campaign funnels, we can validate and process your leads seamlessly!

Also importantly… the more information you have about your contact the easier it will be to, not only contact them, but also to know more about them. Included in all Lead Validation is our Demographic Enhancements. This gives Infusionsoft the ability to ‘score’ a contact before you even email or pick up the phone based on their Income, Home Owner Status, Level of Education, Interests.

Demographic Enhancement: The Proof Is In The Pudding

With our Demographic Enhancements you can tap into 25 fields including: Age, Income, Home Owner Status, House Value, Occupation, Marital Status, Education, and much more! Below are some of the most popular Demographic markers that we offer. Also, make sure to keep reading… as we list ALL of our Demographic markers.

Age of Lead

You will know either the specific age of your lead or an Age Break down depending on what information has been sourced.

Home Owner Status

This will tell you if the lead is a Home Buyer, or a Renter.

House Market Value

This will give you a specific Home Market Value price or give you a range of Home Value depending on source.

Lead Occupation

You will learn the occupation of your lead. This can range from industry specific related jobs, or a specific occupation such as a Business Owner.

Marital Status

This demographic marker can be either Single, Married, Divorced, or Separated.


Find out if your lead is a High School Graduate, or College Graduate.

Family Members

You will be able to find out if there are relatives such as Sons, Daughters, Spouse, or Parents in the household. In some cases their names and ages will be listed.

Social Networking

You will know the leads social networking accounts such as: FaceBook Page, Twitter Account, LinkedIn page.

Secondary Emails

A lot of people have multiple email addresses such as a Personal Email and a Work Email.

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Age Demographics

  • Household Income

  • Occupation

  • Presence of Children

  • Home Market Value

  • Validated Telephone Number

  • Validated Email Address

  • Gender

  • Marital Status

  • Education Level

  • Full Name

  • Home Owner Status

  • Validated Physical Address

  • Length of Residence

  • Alternative Email Addresses

  • Social Networking Profiles

  • Possible Interests

  • … and more!

Did we mention full Infusionsoft Integration!?

Infusionsoft Partner

Our Lead processing and Demographic service comes with full integration with all popular CRM’s such as Infusionsoft, OntraPort, GreenRope, Active Campaign, and SalesForce. Don’t worry about complicated setups, or having to hire a tech person to get this working. We sign NDA’s with all of our clients, and we will be able to login to your CRM and update any fields that are required for our processing and demographics. No sweat on your end, we will do it for you!


The majority of our clients use Infusionsoft and we are Infusionsoft Partners. We have been using this CRM for many years and have helped create extremely complicated applications to easy custom IS application. It doesn’t matter if you need a simple Campaign Funnel created or advanced API code; we can do it for you!

$120,000,000 in generated Sales can’t be wrong!

We have processed millions of leads and have helped our clients generate over $120,000,000 in just the last few years. With our Lead Processing and Demographic service we have helped increase the Validity of our clients leads by up to 45%.

“JGRobo Marketing, Inc. is quite amazing!”

“JGRobo Marketing’s expertise has been instrumental in effectively marketing several brands. Their software and support are truly top notch, and they’re a great source for any funnel management needs.” – S. Bell CEO, SPJ Marketing, LLC

When it comes to Lead Automation, JGRobo Marketing is hands down one of the best companies on the internet. They are backed by many years of experience, professionalism, and they care for their clients with excellent support. If you are looking ways to clean your list, or want to make sure your new leads are valid, you need their Automated Lead Funnel Service.
J. Whittingham, CEO, Genex Networks Ltd.
Our inbound leads originate from a massive range of sources, including callcenters, direct advertising, in-house follow-up, web and social media marketers, and our own organic marketing. In every case, JGRobo Marketing has empowered us to integrate our lead data and effectively market to those leads.
C. Dahl, CEO, Big Guy Little Guy Productions
I receive all of my contacts/leads from my Central Texas Water Irrigation website. JGRobo Marketing has helped me turn a bunch of invalid emails into good contacts that have directly turned into clients. I’ve been more than happy with their service, and I’ve referred a few of my clients to them.
R. Bullard, Owner - Bullard's Irrigation

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