We Empower Callcenters to CAPTURE more LEADS

Using a Callcenter as a way to capture leads from Radio and Television advertisements is definitely one of the best ways to market. In fact, the majority of our clients utilize Callcenters for over 80% of their marketing efforts. The challenge of relying heavily on inbound calls, leads, registrations is validity issues that can happen between communication. Even the most skilled Callcenter operator can have difficulties capturing correct email addresses, and in some cases, cell numbers.

While there are superb callcenters (such as our preferred callcenter provider, (Novasors), that can diligently manage both the technical aspects of receiving inbound calls, they can still utilize a powerful callcenter solution. Having a robust solution to increase Callcenter Capture rate is the driving force behind our customizable Callcenter Solution; offered as part of the JGRobo Marketing (ALFS). Building upon seamless integration with Callcenter Providers, we empower callcenter operators with the tools they need to more effectively obtain call data such as valid Email, Phone, and Address.

Powerful Customization, Mature Integration

  • Complete customizability to suit your specific data collection needs.
  • Seamless integration with one of America’s leading inbound callcenters, Novasors.
  • Twinned, fully-managed solutions at the lead funnel and callcenter levels means you can completely and painlessly automate inbound lead capture.

With a cloud-based intuitive application, the JGRobo Marketing (ALFS) empowers data collection on a level never known before. Our add-on application meets our clients demands, and also their precise needs of lead capture. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple event registration, or something complicated that requires a more dynamic call script, we empower any Callcenter to collect the data you desire.

Our long standing relationship with (Novasors) means that you can launch and manage callcenter campaigns quickly and easily.  Simply put, your inbound leads will be thrilled at the professionalism and efficiency of their tireless staff, while you’ll be elated at just how painless it is to have their callcenter working for you.

Enhance Lead Validity & Know More About Your Callers

  • We instantly improve the quality of your data while it is being collected by your callcenter agents.
  • Inbound caller data can often be further enhanced with information such as demographics and name pronunciation guides.
  • Multi-Layered lead healing technology can correct otherwise lost lead data when the callcenter cannot obtain fully accurate data from inbound callers.

Improving the quality of lead data is one of the most effective means of improving your marketing ROI.  Although callcenters do their very best to make sure that they are collecting the most accurate data provided, certain factors such as caller accents, poor-quality phone connections, complex e-mail addresses, variations in the spelling of names, and many other factors tend to erode data validity.  Unfortunately, the result is that all too often, invalid data makes leads unmarketable – essentially throwing away not just the marketing dollars spent to obtain that lead, but also losing the potential business that person brings to the table.

The JGRobo ALFS solves these issues at multiple levels.  Not only does our callcenter solution provide real-time prompts to callcenter agents when they have entered incorrect phone, email and physical address data, but it also has the ability to provide them with richer demographic and name pronunciation data, leading to an improved customer experience.  And, even in the cases when the callcenter does not or cannot obtain fully accurate lead data from their customer, our Multi-Layered Lead Healing technology leverages leading-edge technology to repair invalid leads.

Watch Our Callcenter Data Collection Demo

  • Our callcenter tool helps the callcenter agent correct invalid data in real time
  • An intuitive, easy-to-use interface makes data entry efficient and easy.
  • Callcenter scripts are completely customizable to specific client needs.