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800 Million ReasonsJGRobo Marketing, Inc., a CRM automated lead processing and demographic company, today announced their demographic analytic service is now available for all marketing industries. This lead based service gives their customers the ability to know who their customer are before they ever have pick up the phone with cutting-edge demographic enhancements.

Until now demographic marker analysis was only available to fortune 100 companies who had access to billions of data profiles. This amazing technology, through the exclusive JGRobo Marketing, Inc. service, allows businesses and individual internet marketers to tap into a wealth of information that will assist in direct selling to their leads either through phone sales, Email communication, SMS, or physical mailers

This demographic service by JGRobo Marketing, Inc. allows their customers to find out extremely valuable information such as, but not limited to: Home Owner Status, Home Market Value, Length of Residence, Previous Residence, Annual Income, Occupation, Education, Marital Status, Social Networking Accounts, Family Members, Age, Gender, and many others.

JGRobo Marketing Demographics

JGRobo Marketing Demographics

“Demographics gives our clients the ability to fully understand who their customers are before they ever have to pick up the phone or email them. They gain the ability to appropriately dictate how they wish to communicate with individual leads and the option to create specific Funnel Campaigns to match their lead demographics. It doesn’t matter if you want to target people who live in California, people who make over $100,000 annually or who owns a home. It’s all very easy to setup, especially with Infusionsoft.” explained CEO and Founder of JGRobo Marketing, Inc., Joshua Alexander.

This cutting-edge demographic service works as an integrated add-on to many popular CRMs (Customer Relationship Management) such as: Infusionsoft, GreenRope, OntraPort, SalesForce, and Active Campaign. With only a few custom fields and tags to add, businesses can utilize this amazing service in only a few minutes of work.

“We have clients who have completely redefined how they contact their leads just based on demographics. One specific client we have setup numerous Funnel Campaigns based on Annual Income of their leads. For instance if a person made over $200,000 annually they would be put into a ‘Top Sales’ funnel and people who made between $100,000 – $199,000 were put into another Funnel Campaign. That gave their TeleSales manager the ability to give ‘High Score Leads’ to his best salespeople, while allowing his other team members to massage the other leads based on annual income” says Reece Sellin Sr. Software Developer for JGRobo Marketing, Inc.

The power behind JGRobo Marketing, Inc’s demographic service is their newly revamped Automated Lead Funnel Service (ALFS). With over 750,000 lines of proprietary code, this cloud-based application has processed millions of leads and has helped their customers bring in over $120,000,00 in sales in just the last few years.

“When we came up with the idea of demographic markers for lead processing, I was taken back by how limited access companies had to this kind of technology. Yes, there are services you could choose from but most were clunky and required a full-time IT person to be able to know how to correctly utilize them. Most small businesses and Internet Marketers didn’t have the ability to tap into this kind of technology due to price or how much time it would take to get it to work. That is why our service is so popular. We do all the setup work for our clients!” explained Joshua Alexander.

Reece Sellin continues, “Another draw back from regular demographic companies is not all the data was accurate or relevant. What we do that is so unique is we are able to pull in demographics from numerous sources at the same time. With our proprietary analytic code we are able to pull in the good data and reject the bad. It’s a really amazing system, considering it all works in real-time on the backend.”

Since JGRobo Marketing, Inc’s demographic service has been open to the public response has been met with excitement. “We’ve actually had this service in beta for our clients for quite a few months now. We had weekly communication with our clients trying to find out what exactly would work and we scraped what wasn’t working. It’s been a great learning curve and we feel that this service is now ready for the public. We have quite a lot of companies who are very happy to give us detailed testimonials, which we’ll be updating our website very soon with. I’m so happy to see how successful this new service has been received. We have worked 1,000’s of hours on our demographic service, and I had a feeling from the beginning, it would be a hit.” boasts Joshua Alexander.

For a step by step breakdown of JGRobo Marketing, Inc’s demographic service visit On this page you will be able to get a visual idea of how this service can help bring in more sales from your leads. Also included on this page is a breakdown of 18 additional demographic markers that you will have access to. Plus you will be able to view recent testimonials from actual clients of the company.


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Founded in 2014, JGRobo Marketing, Inc. is an industry leader in the development of lead automation management services and providers of associated automated lead funnel services. Their cloud-based services are able to integrate with all popular CRMs such as: Infusionsoft, OntraPort, SalesForce, GreenRope. The company’s flagship service is the Automated Lead Funnel Service (ALFS) which their demographic service wraps around. In the last few years JGRobo Marketing, Inc. has helped their clients bring in over $120,000,000 in sales and have processed millions of leads with their lead processing validity service. Fore more information visit


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