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Address: 16192 Coastal Hwy, Lewes, DE 19958, USA

Toll-Free Phone: (800) 959-0182
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Is there a lengthy setup?
Answer: Not at all! Most CRM integration takes only a few days and we virtually do all the work for you.

Do I have to change CRMs?
Answer: Definitely not! We understand the importance of you keeping your existing system. Our service integrates with all popular CRM’s.

How can you boost my ROI?
Answer: Lead Validation Service (LVS). Simply put we can help increase your lead validity on average by 45%. This gives you the ability to contact more of your leads. Thus turning more ‘leads’ into BUYERS.

Is it true that Infusionsoft encourages this?
Answer: Absolutely! Infusionsoft, like all CRM’s understand the importance of lead validity. CRM’s are setup to help you manage your leads, but they aren’t setup to assure that each contact has valid contact information. That is where we come in. Any CRM, such as Infusionsoft, that uses our service is a two-step KNOCK OUT PUNCH!

I only get a few leads a day can I use your service?
Answer: 100% yes! We work with companies and individuals that we process anywhere from a few leads a day to over 10,000 per month. We are able to work with any volume of lead flow from an UNLIMITED AMOUNT OF SOURCES!