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Let’s Funnel in those New Customers

Since the early days of inception internet marketing services have been pieced together to create an overall concept of completion, but not without fault. Internet marketing services today can be nuanced, complicated, cost bleeding, and redundant. It doesn’t matter what business you are in, the more services you have to integrate together the more likelihood this will cause errors and [...]

We have revolutionized Inbound Callcenter Integration

JGRobo Marketing, Inc., an automated lead processing and analytic company, today announced that its cutting edge “Lead Healing” service is ready for the call center and online marketing industries. The service builds upon the over a million lines of proprietary code that make up the JGRobo Automated Lead Funnel Service (JGRobo ALFS).  As part of the ALFS, JGRobo Marketing, Inc.’s [...]

Lead Loss is out of Control

My name is Joshua Alexander. I'm an automation expert, and I have been in the online marketing field for 21 years. I also happen to be the CEO and Founder of JGRobo Marketing, Inc. Imagine getting all pumped and excited that you just had 100 people sign up for your mailing list, or seminar. Now remember this feeling... of accomplishment [...]

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JGRobo Marketing introduces their Automated Lead Funnel Service

Seminar companies struggle with valid leads and lack of good attendance.  Worse still, many in the industry have noticed over the last year that live workshop attendance has dramatically decreased.  After analyzing tens of thousands of leads, we have found out that invalid registration data is on the rise.  We.. have.. a.. solution. Most seminar marketers would agree that the [...]

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