First off, Happy 2017 to you all! It’s been a long 365 days, and for some, it’s been a long and hard year. For others, 2016 saw some of the biggest profits. The JGRobo Marketing Automated Lead Funnel Service (ALFS) has experienced a large increase in clients, and a massive amount of lead processing. Just in the last year we came close to processing 100,000 leads (still averaging 46% Validity) and have helped our clients bring in over $80,000,000.

800 Million ReasonsIt appears the message of how powerful Lead Validity Services (LVS) is working, we already have inquiries with some very large national companies. The paragraph above is the reason why. We have helped our clients increase their lead validity by on average 45%. That means our clients have been able to contact 45% more potential buyers than they would have if they chose not to use our service.

The message is simple… to help bring in more buyers for 2017 request a Free Consultation with us. Joshua Alexander (CEO) and Reece Sellin (Head Software Engineer) will be happy to speak with you and explain how we can increase your profits with our Automated Lead Funnel Service. Infusionsoft, OntraPort, GreenRope, SalesForce, ActiveCampaign… it doesn’t matter, we work with them all. Setup/Integration is seamless and we do all the work!

Happy 2017 to you and to your family. Let’s make this year even better than the last!

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