Why JGRobo Marketing’s Lead Processing & Powerful Demographics?

We have Processed Millions of Leads, and our clients have generated over $120,000,000 in sales.

Seamless Integration with Infusionsoft, Active Campaign, SalesForce, OntraPort, GreenRope, and other popular CRMs.

Yes, you can dramatically increase Lead Validity

Watch How!

Let Us Manage the Details

Because our Automated Lead Funnel Service (ALFS) operates as a flexible, fully-managed solution, backed by comprehensive reporting/analytics, and seamless integration with your existing product suite, you don’t have to worry about the technical details.

Moreover, individual packages are custom-tailored to specific client requirements and targeted to further improve lead acquisition and accuracy for your business.

Leverage a Powerhouse

The software foundation of our automated lead funnel services is our powerful, developed-in-house software suite, called the JGRobo Automation Lead Funnel Service (or ALFS).  Our service features include:

  • Intuitive, web-based UI, tailorable to client requirements
  • Sophisticated, Rule-Based Processing Engine
  • Built-in, Inbound Callcenter Interface
  • Multiple layers of data redundancy and leading-edge security features.
  • Reliable, cloud-based architecture
  • Easy setup… and we do the Integration — No Work For You!

Let US help YOU

Here’s what they’re saying about us…

“JGRobo’s Automated Lead Funnel Service provides one of the most innovative and easiest to use inbound callcenter interfaces I have ever seen.

Combined with their commitment to top notch service, they are a cut above the rest.”

David Labatt, Senior Vice President, Novasors
“When it comes to Lead Automation, JGRobo Marketing is hands down one of the best companies on the internet. They are backed by many years of experience, professionalism, and they care for their clients with excellent support. If you are looking ways to clean your list, or want to make sure your new leads are valid, you need their Automated Lead Funnel Service.”
J. Whittingham, CEO, Genex Networks Ltd.
“JGRobo Marketing’s expertise has been instrumental in effectively marketing several brands.

Their software and support are truly top notch, and they’re a great source for any funnel management needs.”

“Our inbound leads originate from a massive range of sources, including callcenters, direct advertising, in-house follow-up, web and social media marketers, and our own organic marketing. In every case, JGRobo Marketing has empowered us to integrate our lead data and effectively market to those leads.”
Clint S. Dahl, , CEO, Big Guy Little Guy Productions
“I receive all of my contacts/leads from my Central Texas Water Irrigation website. JGRobo Marketing has helped me turn a bunch of invalid emails into good contacts that have directly turned into clients. I’ve been more than happy with their service, and I’ve referred a few of my clients to them.”
Ralph Bullard, Bullard's Irrigation